​​KING At Your Service LLC
King, At Your Service
Response to the Coronavirus

Thankfully, our normal work habits as arborists complies with current CDC recommendations for minimizing the spread of the coronavirus. We expect to continue to be at your service without any significant changes in our work schedule.

As arborists our job keeps us outside on your property, and if we follow the principles of social distancing recommended by healthcare professionals, we believe we can continue to safely serve you.

The best understanding of the virus at the moment indicates transmission by physical contact with droplets rather than air-born, and so we will maintain a six foot distance and not shake hands, which is the medically recommended safety procedure for limiting transmission.

The financial transaction is the only point in our normal process which requires closer contact than six feet. Until further notice, we will not be continuing in-person transactions and will process payments by sending a bill in the mail or a link to pay online. We are perfectly happy to proceed with either method based on client preference. 

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to continuing to work with you.