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It is our practice not to ‘Top’ trees.  We instead reduce a trees canopy by Drop Crotch Pruning (i.e. cutting leader back to a lateral) to maintain natural growth patterns. 

The above shows a before and after image of a reclaimed topped tree.

A tree that has been topped in the past presents unhealthy growth that will need to be reduced to maintain the integrity of the tree. 

While pruning a topped tree we address the structure of the tree in the following areas:  
Breakage - topping produces growth and structure that is extremely weak.
Rot Pockets & Decay - topping severley exposes the tree's tissue.  
Weight Reduction - topping leads to the developement of weak crotches.
Thinning - topping creates bushy, weed like growth.

We may need to assess if a topped tree can be safely reclaimed.

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