​​KING At Your Service LLC
  1. Removal Process
    Removing two Spruce trees. Felling, Limbing, Chipping, Bucking, and Hauling.
  2. Removing Large Oak
    Climbing & Rigging
  3. High Climb
    Pruning a Black Walnut to reduce weight over house.
  4. Elm Removal
    Some Climbing, Some Rigging, ....and a whole lot of work.
  5. Snapshots into what we do
    We offer a wide range of tree care services. Here are some visual examples.
  6. A good day to be an arborist
    A beautiful day at a beautiful location.
  7. Deck so Tall with Boughs a Falling
    Tall deck with a tree in the center of it. Tree Died. This job required a Climbing Arborist to rig down sections to miss hitting the deck. Not reachable by aerial lift or crane.
  8. The End
    The End of these Chestnut Oaks.
  9. It All Hinges On This
    Leaning Cherry Tree
  10. Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Down
    Emerald Ash Borer Claims Another
  11. Saved by the "BOLE"
    The Bole is the trunk of a tree.
  12. It's on the House
    Massive Boxelder split apart in a storm and landed on the house and in adjacent tree.
  13. OAKey dOAKey
    White Oak threatening house. Take down only. No Chipping. Just get it on the ground. Oakey Doakey.